What is libxml

Libxml is an XML toolkit:

Libxml main interfaces

Libxml architecture overview

libxml architecture drawing

The DOM tree



XML requires support for the following encodings:

Libxml v1 was very weak in that area. Libxml2 has native support for both encodings and ISO-Latin-x

If iconv library is found at compile time, it is used to add support to a large (and expandable) set of encodings including the most common Japanese encodings.

Libxml can save to a specific encoding, if a character cannot be encoded it is converted to a char ref on the fly like ሴ

On the workbench

Started but not completed:


Add-ons worked on:

Existing use

Libxml is already in use in a number of environments:

However most users just don't give feedback, but patches are coming (and usually accepted !)


Focuse on implementing future XML specifications

Would like a basic rendering widget (gtkhtml2)

Would like volunteers for an XSLT implementation