XML and OpenSource

SGML on the Web ?

Use of XML for Web content publishing

XML as a document format

OpenSource office software use XML as their native format

  • Advantages in terms of format and I18N support are clear
  • Usually the files are compressed (ZIP or gzip)
  • Problem: they all use different formats, but ...

    Storing application data

    This is a trend, XML is used by default

    "Why don't you use XML for ... file format ?"

    The main toolkits used are expat libxml Qt XML Perl or Python

    A Red Hat 9 system includes more than 3500 XML files

    Storing graphics

    SVG is making a hit !

    It is getting the main format used for desktop icons

    Gnome libraries librsvg, SVG editor sodipodi

    Documentation == DocBook

    The duck picture

    Most projects have switched to DocBook

    Use libxslt/xsltproc or Saxon for XSLT

    FOP/xmlroff/PassiveTeX for PDF generation

    Documentation Tools

    Help browsers use HTML pregenerated or on-the-fly

    Indexing and cross-referencing is ad-hoc

    Various front-end are available:

    WYSIWYG editing is not there (yet ?)

    XML for User Interfaces

    XML can be used to describe the set of widgets

    Allows a modular design of the application

    Ease the development of the applications

    Internationalization I18N support

    Massive use of XML for documentation

    I18N constraints, redundance, automation

    Specific tools have been designed:

    Act as bridges between XML and the PO I18N system

    XML for network use

    Some use of SOAP (libsoup) and XML-RPC but not widespread

    Jabber use is growing

    Layers above XML

    XInclude early adoption to add examples within DocBook

    Schemas validation is limited:

    XSLT usage is increasing to convert to HTML or between formats

    XML Catalog deployment

    OpenSource and XML shared concepts

    The appeal of XML:

    Pieces missing and uncertainties

    FAQ#1: "What editor for XML/DocBook are available ?"

    More standardization at the XML format level: OpenOffice ?

    Will Java and C# get deployed there, to which extend ?


    Use of XML is very widespead in OpenSource projects

    Documentation and data formats are the main target

    Use of core specification, and mostly C/C++ toolkits

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