General status

Existing pieces of software:

ILU implementation

Provided by Xerox, generic SW component glue with remote access supporting a large number of languages and modular protocols stacks build with generic pieces:

Lacks PUT, otherwise a solid fundation to build the low level part of the testbed.

Apache 1.2.4 + ILU

Modified version of Apache-1.2.4 to embed the ILU libraries and serve the same set of documents


Yet Anover Http Robot ...


Code released by Paul Barford from the WCG. This pertain to Boston University and we are asked not to release it outside yet.

This hasn't been integrated in the current Testbed yet (Xerox ?). This is certainly in use in the WCG Testbed.


Same as for Apache ILU, except that the goal is less to do benchmarking, but rather explore the use of object oriented design on the server (collections), which Jigsaw already porovides, and the APIs of HTTP-NG.

Very promising, but difficult to set-up !


Latest version of Amaya-Java includes alpha code to glue in ILU.

Not trivial to set-up, and the code need some serious revamping.

First benchmark results

A benchmark have been done for Fetcher/Apache-ILU using HTTP/1.x stacks.

New benchmarks have to be conducted, especially with the NG stacks, not the standard one.

However this improved the confidence on the current code base!

Direction for development and testing

Short term (Jan - Feb)

Mid term (March - May)

Long term (May - June - ...)